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Welcome to Itzapromise Standard and Toy Poodles and Devon Rex Cats.



I would like to invite you to share in the mad place I, my 7dogs, 6 cats, 7  chickens, 1 husband and 1 child call home!


All my dogs and cats are first and foremost my family pets, but they are also very well bred animals who are a credit to their breed. All are health tested before they are bred from.


Allow me to briefly introduce them. Purdie (rip) my husbands GSD a dog I did not want based on breed reputation but am so glad we have- she is one of the nicest dogs I have had the pleasure of owning. Dollar (rip)an absolutely stunning silver standard poodle with temperament to match. Spirit  is a very special phantom standard poodle, Alfie, an apricot toy, one of only 3 males in the group- apart from my long suffering husband  and what a dog he is proving to be.  Audrey is the naughty pup I kept from Rhondas 2009 litter, I now have her daughter too, Tiffany, a stunning red girl who is a bit of a tomboy. Dime is one of Dollars pups who is following in her Mums footsteps ,my first imported addition is Cash, a truly beautiful silver standard boy, who I have imported from Sweden and last, but by no means least is Morse a special black boy from Germany who carries the phantom gene . Eliza is another Audrey puppy, kept in order to continue my apricot line, but unfortunately she developed allergies at 2 years old so has now been spayed. Florin is a Dime/Cash daughter and has qualities inherited from both her parents and her grandma. Whoopi is a little black whirlwind, daughter of Spirit.

 The photo below was taken by my friend Roise Ison. From left to right are: Purdie, Dollar, Rhonda, Spirit, Sioux, Audrey, Dime, Dorothy, Alfie and Betty.

 I was registered as assured breeder with the Kennel Club, which meant that I satisfied all their requirements with regards relevant health testing for my adult dogs and care in rearing and placing my puppies.I would like to also mention that my home and dogs have been visited by the KC in connection with the scheme,  and the report (which is good :-) ) is available on request . I resigned from the scheme in 2014, having been a part of it for 4 years, as I do not agree with them allowing breeders of crossbreeds to be registered on the scheme (along with another couple of issues ) I do however still adhere to the same standards as I did when I was part of the scheme.

The cats are brother and sister from Torquay and called Sybil and Basil, Sybil is my apricot breeding queen and Basil is a black smoke neutered boy. They were joined last year by my stud boy Manuel as Sybil refused to conceive when sent away on honeymoon. In 2009 we added two sisters, a blue and a black and last year they were joined by Bob, Sybil's Granddaughter and our mo recent addition is Margo, a truly beautiful torti and white Sybil daughter, so Manuel now has his paws full!



My gorgeous husband Graham (he made me say that!).





The chickens are very friendly orpington and light sussex girls truly free range and provide us with the tastiest eggs, they enjoy sharing marrowbones with the dogs.

Emily my delightful 15 year old daughter- more work than all the rest put together.