Itzapromise Darlin


Tiffany is Audrey's pup, born in England,on 09.03.2013, but conceived in Germany. The gene pool in the UK is fairly limited for apricot standards, and most of those that I like are related to Audrey, hence my decision to go abroad for a suitable boy. Her sire is a lovely dark apricot boy, with apricot breeding on his mums side, but his sires side goes back to apricot, phantom and red. Tiffany was both the smallest and lightest coloured pup in the litter, but she had that little 'something' that made her stand out to me. She is called Tiffany as her Mum, Audrey, was named after Audrey Hepburn, and Audrey Hepburn starred in the film, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

She has a lovely expression and bold nature, I am looking forward to seeing her grow up. She reminds me very much of her GG Aunt, Taladayga Sweet Liberty, who was owned by my friend Rosie.

Tiffany has a hip score of 5:5 and Is DNA tested clear for DM

Tiffany turned out to be quite a complex little dog, in so many ways she is one of my boldest dogs and is a real tomboy out on walks, will even try climbing trees and I would say that since her mum has been gone she is top dog, but she has another side to her. If you put any pressure on her she can't handle it and she becomes very anxious. Because of this she was spayed as that is not a trait I would want to see passed on to puppies. Such a shame as she is a lovely compact and cobby dog with a diverse pedigree and even approaching 11 years old her colour is still really strong. She is my real waterbaby, never happier than when she is in the water, which made finding photos of her when dry and freshly groomed nearly impossible!