Itzapromise Miss Konkoko

Itzapromise Miss Konkoko

Introducing Whoopi's daughter, Voodoo. A fabulous phantom girl with probably more European show dogs in her pedigree than most CNR poodles. Although I love the pattern, breeding to improve my dogs was far more important than breeding for colour, hence her grandma, Spirit, was mated to a solid coloured and fully health tested boy with a pedigree full of old English breeding and a fair share of champion dogs. In turn, her daughter, Whoopi was also put to a solid coloured , health tested, dog who has had an impressive show career here in the UK.

Voodoo is a spirited girl (pun intended) and seems to have inherited all her grandmas spunk and face pulling skills. I look forward to fun times ahead with her. She is hip scored 5:6 and has a full poodle DNA panel (clear). She was tested clear for hereditary cataracts in Oct 2023.


Where do I start with this girl, she just makes me laugh every day. She wakes up and decides that today is going to be the best day ever, every day! Not only is she a wonderful character I honestly believe that had she been a solid colour she would have done well in the show ring, her conformation is really good. She has inherited her grandma Spirits legendary face pulling techniques and she plays hard and fast with the other dogs, but respects them enough to stop when they tell her to. She is very much a people dog and wants to be everybody's friend.

The pictures show the 3 generations, grandma Spirit with Voodoo's mum, Whoopi and then Whoopi with Voodoo as a pup. The last photo shows her in full face pulling action :)