Florin is a Dime/Cash puppy, born 29.04.2018. A lovely girl who reminds me very much of her grandma, Dollar as she is convinced that every person she meets wants to be her best friend. She is a smart cookie and adores any obedience training, she is also a talker and her greeting often consists of picking up the nearest toy and presenting it to you whilst making a woo woo woo noise. This girl has won my heart.Hip score 6:3 DNA tested clear for vWD, DM, NE and prcd-PRA. Eyes tested clear for H/C 25.02.2020

In the last few years Florin has proved herself to be the cleverest poodle I have owned, she excelled at trick training but would always add her own twist to it, even now if I ask her to do a commando crawl she will do it, but backwards and with her trademark woo woo woo. Even though the fridge is sat on a worktop she managed to figure out how to open it so we now have a child lock on it, so far she hasn't worked that one out!! Pictures are from the last couple of years, including one with her and one of her puppies.