My Devons

Peppadora Magic Roundabout

Fawlty, or Peppadora Magic Roundabout to give him his official name. Fawlty was born in March 2015 . I do not show my cats, but my friend does and so she took him to the feline equivalent of Crufts, The Supreme, where he won the male kitten class and then on to win kitten best in breed!

Fawlty is my boy through and through, he is a real mummy's boy and has to be with me if he can. He chats and dribbles while he purrs. A solid boy with the best temperament, which he passes on to all his kittens. He is blood type B

The Girls

Kenji is the youngest of my cats and probably the best example of a Devon out of my girls. She has several generations of Itzapromise cats behind her, going all the way back to my foundation queen, Sybil. A little shy with visitors but an absolute joy with people she knows. Her kittens however have all been as bold as brass. Kenji is currently the only entire girl at Itzapromise.



Margo was born in 2013, one of my first litters of Devons from the best cat in the world (though possibly not the best example of the breed) Sybil. She had big shoes to fill but she stepped up in terms of character but was sadly lacking in maternal instinct, unlike Sybil who was born to be a mum. Margo had just one litter, she wasn't a natural so she was spayed after that. She became my daughters favourite cat, a position she still holds today.


Beetle was a precocious kitten right from the start, totally bald at birth but gobby and demanding, I think I had decided to keep her when she was less than 2 days old. She is the most on the go cat I have owned and she is very entertaining to play with. Beetle has produced some beautiful kittens and was a great mum, she has now been spayed. I am please to say that since she was spayed she has grown a half decent coat :)

Miss Gatsby

Miss Gatsby is our senior girl, born Sept 2008 but still fit as a flea. She joined Itzapromise as a kitten along with her sister, Miss Tibbs (who now resides with a family as an only cat). Miss Gatsby had 2 lovely litters before developing a cyst on her ovaries which necessitated her being spayed. She decided quite early on that she didn't like my other girls, so once she was neutered she lived with my original stud boy Manuel and they were both really happy with this arrangement. When Manuel died Miss Gatsby mourned his loss, but there was no way that she wanted to live with Fawlty. The last few years she has established her own routine, in the winter when it is cold she chooses to stay in her heated cabin, in the summer she chooses to come in the house, either in the kitchen where the other cats are kept out or snuggling up to the dogs in their beds. She has never wanted to be picked up but she does enjoy sitting on your lap for a fuss. She's a funny old stick but very much loved.