We love having puppies and kittens here, and because we love them so much we don't breed them that often. This ensures that every single puppy or kitten gets the attention it deserves. This also ensures that my girls needs are put before anything else as they will only have puppies or kittens when they are 100% fit enough, both mentally and physically. Because of this there can be a wait, especially if you have a specific colour in mind, but I promise they are worth the wait :) It goes without saying that both parents will have all relevant health testing in place and the puppies/kittens will be born and reared in our home. Any puppies born here will be live streamed on youtube for the first few weeks so potential owners can follow their progress in real time. I provide genuine lifetime support and as per the contract I will always take back an animal (or assist in rehoming it) should circumstance mean it is necessary.

Information about upcoming litters can be found on this page, my blog or find my public page on facebook (Jane Rowden) and follow me there.